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A collection of notes I make while reading and learning. Topics include economics, computer science, philosophy, neuroscience, anything that peaks my interest.

About the author

Hello! I am Marissa, a computer science student currently in third year and a software developer. More importantly, I am a learner. That word sounds weird when I say out loud, not sure why... anyway, I like to read. Literally everything. Chemistry, business, history, philosophy, post-war polish cinema. I also like to be capable. I want to be able to contribute. Again, to literally everything. And that tends to get me in some trouble because you know, I try do everything. I'm learning though that it's important to have a specialty, to have something you really love and you know really well. That thing for me is software development and more specifically, front-end development and data analysis.

I always liked puzzles and to me, every application is about putting together a complex puzzle. Each puzzle piece is a component, for websites that can be a button or a paragraph of text, and the big picture, the interaction between each puzzle piece creates a beautiful, usable product.

The joy of learning is something I find in every project I take on. You learn about the problem and you learn as you create a solution for it. There are no limits in the world of software. Language, algorithms, frameworks, methodologies, tools – there are so many ways to make your end product better.

And then, there is the joy of problem solving is such a malleable world. You create from thin air. Or rather, you create from node modules and 10 different Python libraries. Still, you get what I mean.

Anyway, this is getting tangenty so if you want learn more about me, head to my portfolio!