Animating the Big Dipper

On Wednesday October 9 I held my first workshop for the STEAM (STEM + Arts) club on campus of which I am the VP Finance.

It went amazing. The week before I desiged and coded a CSS Animation of the Big Dipper. You can check it out on codepen here.

The workshop was advertised as requiring no programming experience so I knew I would have to explain the basics and build up. I prepared a little the day before, wrote some notes of what I wanted to discuss but when I went in, I never referenced it. I had coded the animation, I knew how to do it, I taught myself web development so I know what complete newbies need to know, so I spoke from experience. It allowed me to make ad hoc jokes, quiz the attendees, walk around to observe and assist, and in general keep it relaxed and informal.

I became interested in CSS Art because of this talk by the incredible Ali Spittel.