Machine Learning Techniques


  • predicting a continuous value, for example, predicting things like the price of a house based on its characteristics, or to estimate the Co2 emission from a car’s engine.


  • predicting the class or category of a case, for example, if a cell is benign or malignant, or whether or not a customer will churn. 


  • grouping similar cases, for example, can find similar patients, or can be used for customer segmentation in the banking field.


  • finding items or events that often co-occur, for example, grocery items that are usually bought together by a particular customer. 

Anomaly detection

  • discover abnormal and unusual cases, for example, it is used for credit card fraud detection.

Sequence mining

  • predicting the next event, for instance, the click-stream in websites.

Dimension reduction

  • reduce the size of data. 

Recommendation systems

  • this associates people's preferences with others who have similar tastes, and recommends new items to them, such as books or movies.